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Obviously, when water freezes it expands and this expansion can split copper pipes, destroy backflows, tear open ball valves, break manifolds, and damage valves. This damage is very noticeable and the most destructive as water hemorrhages from the holes at full speed. Less noticeable are leaks after the valve because they only leak when the zone is running. Even though the lateral poly lines are resistant to freeze damage, over time ice in these lines degrade the pipe and leaks occur. Heads are also a source for water wasting leaks. Freeze damage here usually splits the body of the head and water leaks out the side of the head instead of going through the nozzle. Although less noticeable, these leaks reduce the pressure for the entire zone and can have a serious effect on the efficiency of your system and the health of your lawn.

All this can be avoided by having your system properly winterized or "blowout". We use commercial air compressors that put out vary large volumes of air at low preasure. This insures that all the water is removed without damaging the system with high presure. We also check the system from shut-off to the manifold and note any problems before they cause major damage.

Call in September to schedule an appointment any time between September 20th and October 31st for the best rate. However if you do get caught in a freeze situation, there are a number of things you can do to less the severity of the damage. Follow the instructions on the "protecting your backflow from freeze damage" page for some quick steps that can help save your system from major damage and give you time to have your system properly winterized.

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