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Give your lawn a head start in the spring with an annual tune-up of your sprinkler system. We will check your system for major leaks and make sure all heads are working properly. We also program your controller so that you are watering on your schedule days and getting the most out of the water you use.

Having a properly working system from the start will save you money by saving water. Don’t wait until you have problems with your lawn before you make repairs. A stressed lawn is an easy target for disease and other lawn pest that can spread to otherwise healthy areas of the lawn.

Mid to late April is the time to be thinking about starting up your system; however, with the proper precautions you can start them earlier. Wrapping the back-flow with old towels and covering it with a trash bag will protect your system from freezing in most cases. If you know it is really going to get cold you can follow the instructions on the "protecting your backflow from freeze damage" page. Here you will find some quick steps that can help save your system from major damage.

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New Systems - custom sprinkler systems design and installation for your home.

Do-It-Yourself - and we can help with the design, tips on installation and the purchase of quality parts.

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Spring Start-ups - Give your lawn a head start with an annual tune-up

Repairs and Maintenance A leaky system can waste water and your money - we can fix it or re-design it

Winterization - Protect your investment by properly winterizing your system each Fall.