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Here in Colorado, in the early spring and late fall, it’s not uncommon to go from a nice sixty degree day to below freezing at night. Any time the temperature drops below freezing, your system is success able to freeze damage. If the temperature drops below freezing for more than a few hours, you really should drain your system.

First shut the water to the system off inside the house.

Then with a small flat screw-driver, open both test-cocks on the backflow device.

If you can open the lowest manifold drain on your system.

Then drain the water inside the house by opening the shutoff valve drain.

If draining is problematic, protecting the supply pipe and backflow can be accomplished with pipe insulation and a good, insulated backflow cover. When these aren’t available, wrapping the pipes and backflow with old towels and covering with a trash bag will also help reduce freeze damage.

Please note – If it gets cold enough your system will freeze; draining and/or wrapping does not winterize your system or guarantee your system against freezing.

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