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There are a number ways a sprinkler system can waste water. The most common problem with any system is heads that are too low. Over time thatch in the lawn builds up and the head is no longer tall enough to spray over the grass and brown patches begin to show. When this happens the natural tendency is to turn up the time on the clock to give the lawn more water which just increases water usage. We can replace those heads with new heads that have spray technology that will save you money by delivering a more even, and consistent distribution of water.

How you water is also very important when it comes to water conservation. With the heavy clay soil that we have, you should run multiple cycles when watering to allow what you just put down to soak in rather than run down the street. If your controller doesn’t have the ability to run multiple cycles and have features such as seasonal adjustments, consider upgrading. Some controllers, if installed and programmed correctly, can download local weather information and water your lawn when it needs it. These controllers from WeatherTRAK, not only take into consideration rain fall, temperature, humidity, but also environmental factors such as soil type and sun exposure.

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New Systems - custom sprinkler systems design and installation for your home.

Do-It-Yourself - and we can help with the design, tips on installation and the purchase of quality parts.

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Spring Start-ups - Give your lawn a head start with an annual tune-up

Repairs and Maintenance A leaky system can waste water and your money - we can fix it or re-design it

Winterization - Protect your investment by properly winterizing your system each Fall.